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Going from the Blackview BV6000 to the BV6800 Pro we do not only see an upgrade in the appearance, but also many new features getting added, which solidify it as a must-have device for anyone interested in tougher phones.    For starters, different certifications have almost become necessities in high end devices nowadays, and the BV6800 Pro aims to take a step forward in this category. The BV6800 Pro does indeed come with IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810G Military standard certifications, you can use it under the water at up to 6 feet for 2 hours, and drop it -from 3 meters high without any consequences. The device itself isn’t scared about corrosion or extreme changes in temperature. Plus it’s also protected against high pressure jets and temporary submersion, as well as resistant to vibration and impacts.   Specs wise, the BV6800 Pro also packs some welcome updates in both the software and hardware. We now have an 8.0MP front camera and Dual Sony IMX298 16.0MP rear setup which should offer good quality along with the different shooting modes and manual settings making it feel like a “DSLR shooting experience”. Additional you can even shoot videos or photos underwater for hours if you wanted to.  Other specs on the BV6800 Pro include a large 5.7-inch FHD 18:9 display, which is more vivid and tougher than the predecessor, bringing better visuals and a more comfortable grip. The phone then packs 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory to help you store all your precious memories. Plus it runs Android 8.0 Oreo with Google’s GMS certification, which should bring a better user experience.


4 GB

162 x 81 x 14.5mm

Micro SD

Android 8.0





0.2 kg


MTK6750T Octa core, 1.5GHZ



4 GB







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