Bassein EXIT Stone 540x250x122 cm hall, katuse, liivafiltri ja pumbafiltriga 944001180

Bassein EXIT Stone 540x250x122 cm hall, katuse, liivafiltri ja pumbafiltriga 944001180

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  • 14 päeva tagastusõigus 14 päeva tagastusõigus
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Toote kirjeldus

EXIT Stone pool 540x250x122 cm with dome and sand filter and heat pump - grey
The EXIT Stone pool 540 x 250 x 122 cm is a rectangular grey-coloured frame pool with dome. This sized pool comes standard with a sand filter pump, heat pump and a pool ladder, with which you can safely enter and exit the pool. The framed swimming pool is spacious enough to use for relaxing on a floating air mattress. Or would you rather swim under water? The EXIT Stone swimming pool is a 122 centimeters deep which allows you to actually dive into it. The framed pools with domes by EXIT Toys are multifunctional, durable and the perfect solution for unpredictable summer weather!

Steel the show with the pools from EXIT Toys
The Stone pool has a modern and sturdy stone pattern on the side and creates a prominent feature for the garden. The EXIT pool is equipped with strong 3-layered walls made from PVC and polyester and the inside of the pool is blue, for that fresh pool feeling. The swimming pool is suitable for up to nine people and because the swimming pool is so deep, you can even dive and also swim laps in it.

Multifunctional pool domes
With the EXIT dome for swimming pools you are no longer at the mercy of the weather. The dome ensures that no dirt enters the water and is a sustainable solution for heating your water, because the heat from the sun is trapped under the dome. The dome is transparent and very easy to open thanks to integrated gas pressure springs. The dome also has three foldable windows and a door. In short: enjoy your pool no matter the weather.

High quality swimming pool accessories
Different accessories are included with the EXIT Stone swimming pool. The sand filter pump for example removes even the smallest particles out of the swimming pool by pumping water fiercely through the filter bed. This ensures that dirt such as sand, vermin or algae remain in the filter. And the included heat pump really completes the swimming pool. The heat pump connects to the sand filter pump and can heat the pool up to 40 degrees. The high quality filter pump and the compact heat pump are both valuable additions to your swimming pool and allow for endless hours of fun in the water right from the beginning of the season.

Stable and sturdy!
Not only is the frame pool unique; it is strong and sturdy. The pool's steel black frame is extra thick and has a diameter of 50 mm. The frame legs ensure optimal stability, so that the pool always remains sturdy. Sustainability was also considered; therefore, the black frame is galvanised and powder coated to keep rust at bay. Here at EXIT Toys we call it the Duplex Coating System. Time for a refreshing dip in your own EXIT pool in the garden!

Standard included
Black steel pool frame of 540 x 250 x 122 cm
Grey liner with cool stone pattern
Dome with three windows and a door 585 x 270 cm
Includes sand filter pump (filtering material not included)
Includes heat pump
Ladder included
Liner repair kit included
Product group: Rectangular swimming pools
Type: Metal pool above ground
Size: 540 x 250 cm
Pool depth: 122 cm

Length: 600 cm
Height: 240 cm
Width: 290 cm
Swim area: 510 x 210 x 110 cm
Recommended water depth:110 cm
Water capacity: 13465 liter
Maximum number of people: 9

Material> Steel
Finish:Galvanised and powder-coated
Diameter of the top rail: ø 50 x 1.2 mm
Number of legs: 14 legs
Diameter of the legs: ø 38 x 1.2 mm

Material: PVC
Thickness sides: 1.2 mm
Thickness bottom:0.65 mm
Drainer opening: Yes

Type of pump: Sand filter pump
Voltage: 12V
Wattage: 70 watts
IP code: IPX5
Pump hose included: Yes
Diameter hose connection: 32 mm
Length powercable: 200 cm
Filtercapacity: 800 gal/h (3028 liters)
Type of sand: Silica sand
Grain size: 0.7-1.25 mm
Weight of sand: 10 kg
Replace filter after: 180 days

Heat pump:
Dimensions: 38.5 x 40 x 28 cm
Voltage: 230V
Wattage: 600 watts
IP code: IPX4
Easy connect: Yes
Diameter hose connection: 32 mm, 38 mm
Pool volume: ≤ 20 m³
Control panel: Digital display
COP: 4, 4.95
Filtercapacity: 343 gal/h (1300 liter)

Pool dome:
Dimensions: 585 x 270 x 135 cm
Material of the frame: Steel
Diameter of the frame: ø 25.4 x 1.2 mm
Finishing frame: Galvanised and powder-coated
Hinge type: Sunroof hinge with support
Colour cover: Transparant
Material cover: PVC
Thickness cover: 0.18 cm
Number of windows: 3
Door included: Yes

Dimensions: 120 x 84 x 172 cm
Material: Metal frame with plastic steps
Finish: Powder-coated
Foldable: Yes
Child-proof: Yes
Anti-slip: Yes
Minimum pool height: 107 cm
Maximum pool height: 127 cm
Number of steps: 2 x 3 steps with platform
Maximum user weight: 120 kg




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