Spokey In-line skates s. 39-42 pink SPOKEY Mizou 890610120

Spokey In-line skates s. 39-42 pink SPOKEY Mizou 890610120 Spokey

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Feel complete freedom and joy. Get to know the fascinating skating world with us!
Many faces of skating
Skating is mostly associated with competitive ride (inline skating, riding a scooter, and skateboarding). Persons looking for other types of activity will also find something for themselves: from recreational and fitness skating, to field and fast skating.
There are many groups of inline skates adapted to user requirements on the market. The most popular – recreational (fitness) inline skates are available in many designs and technical configurations.

Advantages of adjustable inline skates

Do you want to instil a passion for sports in your child? Or maybe you are “on the border” between two sizes? You don’t have to worry if you decide to buy the adjustable inline skates – you can optimally adjust the size to your needs. And what is more – the inline skates grow together with your child,  you don’t have to buy a new pair every few months!
Inline skating is not only beneficial for your condition, but it also offers you a direct contact with nature. Inline skates are a summer equivalent to skates (from spring to autumn both the hockey players and skaters train inline skating), hence the posture and movements are very similar to those during ice skating. Leg and hip muscles work intensively, with simultaneous involvement of back and hand muscles. Inline skating also improves your coordination.

Spokey Mizou inline skates are a proposal for those looking for skates with size adjustment option. This is an optimum solution for those who are still growing and those “on the border” between two sizes. 
We set high requirements for our equipment, therefore we make every effort to use the highest quality materials to manufacture the products.
We know it is good to stand out and that is why we put special emphasis on the original and refined design. Our inline skates are manufactured in line with state-of-the-art trends and in the most fashionable colour versions.
With Mizou inline skates you can select the shoe size. Fast and simple adjustment will only take a few seconds, allowing you to optimally adjust the shoe to your foot. This is a perfect solution both for those who are still growing (children) and those “on the border” between two sizes (e.g. 36/37).
When you choose the inline skates, you should pay special attention to the runner. Mizou model offers the aluminium runner, which guarantees durability, with very low weight.
The wheels were made of durable PU material with the hardness of 82A, which is optimum for recreational inline skating. ABEC7 Carbon bearings guarantee the highest manufacturing precision, good service life and high skating speed.
Triple fastening system: laces, velcro and two-section buckle guarantee not only adjustment to the feet, but – above all – the highest safety level. Spokey buckles are equipped with protection, which prevents an automatic release of the clamp buckle – this way, you can be sure that the strap remains in place during inline skating.
Adjustment gives you the possibility to select the appropriate size and to change it in the case of change in the child’s foot size.
The comfortable and reliable fastening system allows the users to optimally adjust the inline skates to their needs.
A soft shoe interior ensures the comfort of use.
Recreational use, fitness (ideal for shaping upper leg and buttock muscles).
Thanks to the size adjustment the rollers grow with the child's foot.

Bearings made of carbon steel. ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 is a scale defining the precision, with which the bearings have been made, which determines the smoothness of the rolling and the reached speed.

Aluminium alloy skid guarantees optimal endurance with the minimal section and weigth of the skid.

Anatomically-designed insole provides robust support, mainating the highest physical comfort.
frame: aluminium
bearings: ABEC7 Carbon
wheels: PU 82A
64 mm - s. 31-34, 70 mm - s. 35-38, 72 mm - s. 39-42
fasteners: two-section buckles, velcro, laces
max. Gewicht des Benutzers: 60 kg


2.43 kg

47.5 cm

30.5 cm

11.0 cm




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